Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weird weekend

Errands. I remember running a lot of errands this weekend. And getting into one of those situations in which no matter how many of the errands I accomplished, the un-done ones are still nagging at me.

With the basement plumbing repaired, I did several loads of laundry. We sold the Nordic Track elliptical and now have a large, spacious TV room for a change. But the new sleeper-sofa is coming Tuesday morning, and now I have to turn my attention to selling the pair of Stressless Ekornes chairs.

All these trivialities are a welcome relief from a brush with grimness this morning. I had left my yoga class at the B.F. Day school in Fremont and was standing in the parking lot, chatting with a classmate, as families arrived for a soccer game in the school's upper field. One woman got out of her car with her son, looked around in a very distracted, disoriented way, and then asked us if we knew where the soccer field was. We pointed to the path that several families were already taking to the field -- it seemed fairly obvious. The woman said, apologetically, that she was confused because they had just driven over the Fremont bridge and seen a man jump off it.

We said that of course that would make anyone upset and confused, and hung out with her a bit until she and her son were ready to go up to the field. (The little boy didn't seem to understand what had happened, thankfully.)

Sad to say, jumpers are all too frequent on the bridge -- usually four a year. Some jumpers land in the water, but many land in the Adobe parking lot, where they are discovered by horrified company employees. Zorg and I have a friend who last year moved into a high-end condo facing the bridge; he was shocked by the situation and did quite a bit of writing, calling and organizing. In December 2006, six suicide-prevention call boxes were installed on the bridge; it remains to be seen if they will reduce the number of jumping incidents in 2007.

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