Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Out of steam

Last week I sent off a draft article to a major arts review website. They were interested, but wanted to see it twice as long. That pretty much requires startling from scratch, but I spent some time in denial about the need to do that. So it was a long, frustrating experience and yielded only a B+ piece of work -- when I'd wanted to impress them with something truly inspired.

In the midst of all the writing I spent Saturday taking dance workshops at the World Rhythm Festival at Seattle Center. The workshops started out grueling but got easier as the day went on. The next morning I went off to yoga class and was astonished at how loose I was and how much more I could do. And the I came home, tore out a rosebush, and replanted the side yard.

Of course I'm paying for that now.

This week has been off to a rocky start. A tube of chapstick got loose in the laundry and now I'm removing oily, minty spots from Zorg's trousers. Betaille, our ancient cat, needs to go to the vet for a checkup tomorrow. But she needed a bath badly, so tonight, after yoga class, Zorg and I donned our full-coverage cat-washing outfits and washed her in the tub. She doesn't like it much, but bounced back rapidly and headed right to her food dish when I released her from the bathroom. Now it's back down to the laundry with our soggy cat-washing outfits and a bunch of towels; no chapstick this time, I hope.

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