Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Easter bunny was here

Seriously. Two Easter bunnies.

Zorg found a Cadbury egg on his keyboard when he got up this morning. This afternoon I got my annual delivery of a bag of Peeps. This year it was green and yellow Peeps, which went well with the blue Peeps Zorg had provided earlier in the week.

Zorg also shared with me a large hollow chocolate egg that had a full-size yellow Peep inside. I keep puzzling over that egg. How did they get a Peep inside an apparently seamless hollow egg?

Here's a nice picture of the egg-with-Peep from Slashfood (they got a pink Peep; I think pink Peeps come in a Rice Krispy chocolate shell and the yellow Peeps are in plain milk chocolate). The Slashfood folks also have a suggestion for how to "hatch" the Peep using a microwave.

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