Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy campers

You've heard me babble excitedly about all the great experiences I had at Seattle Mind Camp 3.0 this past fall. Well they've just opened registration for Seattle Mind Camp 4.0, to be held at at the Tukwila Community Center Sunday July 1. (It isn't clear, but I think this is the first Mind Camp that's not an overnight.)

The "unconference" works this way: During the first hour or so, campers propose sessions they want to lead; everyone votes on posted session descriptions; and then the organizers quickly assign the sessions to rooms and things start happening. This site, for Seattle Mind Camp 3.0, will give you a sense of it.

Delicious meals and snacks are included in the $29 camp fee. Bring an open mind, and, if possible, an idea for a session.

I collaborated with two other campers to present a yoga session at the last camp. This time I might conserve my energy for the late-night Werewolf session!

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