Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The art of the insult

I'm late getting around to reading The New Yorker this week, which is unfortunate because I could have used a good laugh a couple of days ago.

The April 23 issue was, apparently, the Insult Issue. The Talk of the Town section includes an odd recap of the Don Imus flap, written apparently to rate the radio show host's previous most-insulting comments against the racist remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team that finally cost him his job. Imus' characterization of Bill Clinton as a "fat pantload," I had to admit, had a certain ring to it. But it was nothing close to the revelation in the Talk story about literary hoaxster Clifford Irving that Irving's disgruntled wife always referred to his glamorous Danish mistress, Nina van Pallandt, as "Baroness von Slut."

Oh my. This is The New Yorker?

That shattering sound you just heard? New Yorker mascot Eustace Tilley, dropping his monocle.

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