Friday, April 20, 2007

Ceasefire in the laundry room

Today didn't go at all as expected.

I had the plumber scheduled to come fix a leaking outdoor spigot and do something about the banging pipes in the laundry room (a situation that has gotten worse over the past year, to the point that it sounded like insurgents were bombing the basement). My plan was to get the plumber started, then skip out for a relaxing haircut and some errands.

What I hadn't figured into the scenario was that Zorg was working from home today. The plumber arrived (late), began making a ruckus sawing through drywall, and then turned off all the water. I slipped off to run my errands and came back to find that the plumbing job was dragging on and on. And poor Zorg was not enjoying a house without water.

We'd talked about catching the 5:15 show of Blades of Glory, but by the time the plumber finally turned on the water, packed up, and left, we were running a bit late. So I cooked dinner, we ate, and then I rolled up in a ball on the couch and went to sleep -- not at all my usual Friday night.

Tomorrow will be better. I'm actually looking forward to doing a nice, quiet load of laundry first thing in the morning.

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