Saturday, June 19, 2004

Waring Ice Cream Parlor instructions

Here, by popular request, are the slightly edited and abridged basic operating instructions for the circa 1972 Waring Ice Cream Parlor ice cream machine. The Mysterious Traveler urges anyone in need of the original instructions with the full set of recipes to contact Waring.


What you need:

Four trays of ordinary ice cubes
One 26-oz box of ordinary table salt
Two cups of cold water
Ice cream mix of your choice

What to do:

Place the ice bucket onto the motor and base assembly and rotate the bucket until it drops down over the raised stop lugs on the base and sits firmly.

Pour ice cream mix into the cream can. For most desserts, the liquid level will be below the "fill line" stamped into the can wall. This is so the mixture will have room to expand. Some desserts, like sherbets, expand less so the liquid mix can be above the fill line when you start.

Stir mixture, then insert the dasher into the cream can so that the rounded ball end of the dasher's shaft sits in the matching indentation in the cream can.

Place the transparent plastic can lid over the top end of the dasher and snap it into place over the rim of the cream can.

Place the loaded cream can into the ice bucket, making sure that the drive socket indentation in the bottom of the can engages with the drive shaft protruding from the bottom of the ice bucket.

Sit the socket located on the underside of the support arm onto the hexagonal tip of the dasher shaft that extends up through the can lid. Grasp both ends of the support arm and rotate it until the ends drop into the cutouts in the rim of the ice bucket. Press down lightly on the ends of the support arm and rotate the support arm\ counterclockwise until it is securely locked into place.


You are ready to fill the space between the cream can and the ice bucket with ice, salt and water, which will lower the temperature of the contents of the cream can.

Start by plugging in the Ice Cream Parlor. The cream can and cover should now rotate counterclockwise while the dasher remains stationary.

With the motor running, pour 1 cup of cold water into the ice bucket. Follow with a layer of ice cubes, one cube deep. The sprinkle 6 level tablespoons of salt evenly over the layer of ice cubes. Continue layering ice cubes and salt, layer by layer, until the ice bucket is full. Add any remaining salt, and then slowly pour the remaining cup of water evening over the top layer.

The processing time and volume of the finished product will be influenced by factors including:
1. Initial temperature of the mix being processed
2. Variations in the composition of mix ingredients
3. Amount of salt, ice and water used

Processing time will take between 20 and 50 minutes. As the mixture freezes, thickens, and expands, the motor will begin the labor and slow down. It will come to a near or complete stall and that indicates that processing is completed. The Waring Ice Cream Parlor should never be allowed to operate more than 50 minutes before unplugging.

When processing is completed, but sure to unplug the Ice Cream Parlor. Remove the ice bucket from the base assembly. Remove the support arm from the ice bucket by pushing down gently on both ends, rotating clockwise and lifting off. Wipe any ice or salt from the can lid, and lift the can out of the ice bucket with lid and dasher in place.

The processed mixture can be served immediately, or put in the freezer to harden. Use a wooden spoon or plastic or rubber spatula to remove the mixture. If you wish to harden the mixture, stir it to blend hard and soft portions. You can harden it in the cream can, or spoon it into plastic freezer containers, allowing 1/2 inch for expansion. Pack mixture down to exclude air pockets, and place waxed paper or plastic wrap over the mouth of the container before putting a lid in place.

Place covered can or containers in the freezer for 1-2 hours. It may be necessary to temporarily lower the freezer temperature to get the mixture to set firmly.

More salt (up to a full box) = faster processing and coarser texture
Less salt (down to 1/2 box) = slower processing and finer texture

Be sure to wash the cream can, dasher, can lid and support arm in hot soapy water before and after each use. Parts are not dishwasher safe.


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Thanx! My daughter had lost her directions and wanted to make some homemade ice cream for the visit of an "old" high school friend and her family.

  2. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Thanks! It's was a great machine for a small flamily.I never had directions. I purchase it at a yard sale used 2 year ago for $5.00. I have worn mine out.We loved it. Do they still sell these? Was there a parts list?
    Here our favorite recipe!Very Easy!
    Orange Pineapple ice cream
    2.5 cans orange drink (Crush)
    1 can Eagle brand Milk
    1 large can of crush pineapple
    Mix it up in the can! Enjoy! LS

  3. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Thanks soooo much. I have inherited the Waring maker my mom purchased while I was a toddler,but lost the instructions along the way. We're making peppermint for dessert tonight. -H

  4. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Thank you so much for these directions! When I moved 2 years ago, I seem to have misplaced my instructions. All of a sudden this week, I decided to whip out my trusty old Waring Ice cream Parlor for a 4th of July party and there were NO INSTRUCTIONS!!! EEeeeeekkkkk! Google found your website in one try!
    Try adding Ground cinnamon to vanilla ice cream. Bizarre, but yummy!

  5. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Thanks so much! I uncovered our Waring Ice Cream Parlor (purchased when I was 3) and it still works! My kids (now teens) are dying to try it...but, I had no recollection of where to begin! You made my day (as well as my four teenage kids)!

  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    thank you,thank you,thank you.
    I was desperate when I couldn't find the instructions!
    I have had the machine forever and decided to take it with me on my trip to my grandkids.
    I searched the web and wow! if found you.Unbelievable.
    The comments on the bottom are so valuable, since I needed a recipe also and there it was.
    So please leave as much information as you have especially recipes. Thanks again sonja

  7. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Just visited your website to find the instructions for the Waring Ice Cream Parlor. I won mine in a charity raffle last summer! Will try it this weekend. Sounds like it is a great dessert maker but it had no instructions with it. Thanks a million for this special website.
    Marie in Eastern Canada

  8. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Many thanks for posting the instructions!!!

  9. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Thanks so much my family lost the instructions. Also nice recipe for the strawberry ice cream.

  10. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Just got one for free at a garage sale. It hadn't been used in so long it has seized up. A little cleaning and a bit of white grease and Voila... And now, Thanks to you, I have instructions too.


  11. Anonymous6:50 PM

    My daughter now 23 came home for the weekend, while cleaning out kitchen cabnets we came across the waring ice cream parlor, but I had misplaced the manual. She then googled it and in a couple of tries here was your site. Thank you ! We made fresh Strawberry ice cream with your recipe. mmmm mmmm very tastey . Thanks to this site you brought back memories for me making ice cream with the children , and she had wondered why i had kept this gem hidden for 20 years?
    Fantastic product !

  12. Anonymous11:57 PM

    this is an old forum -- by any chance is anyone still reading this? I'm looking for a recipe from scratch, not an ice cream mix. I had the operating manual which also had recipes and it has just disappeared ... I fear picked up w/ some other papers and thrown out accidentally as it wasn't a very large booklet. Does anyone have a recipe for ice cream?

  13. You'll find some excellent ice cream recipes at

  14. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Thanks for the info on the Ice Cream Parlor. I found one on the shelf in the basement when I moved into the home my husband occupied for 20 years and more with his first wife. No instructions were included. When the former wife left, she left the Ice Cream Parlor behind.... I can tell it had been used, but not much. I am dusting it off today and making Strawberry Sorbet! I will then try and track down my great-grandmother's Vanilla Ice Cream recipe -- my sister initiated a similar search last summer -- and make that treat -- eating that ice cream one 4th of July at camp (hand-cranked, of course) was one of my finest lifetime food memories. It followed a lobster dinner cooked lakeside, which also included steamed clams, as I recall. The year was about 1964. Times flies. Ice cream brings us back. Thanks for the recipes!

  15. Anonymous3:49 PM

    WOW!!!! You saved our patoots!!! My 90 year old mother-in-law is rabid about saving everything. Somehow WE lost the directions to her ancient machine(read deep dodo) and my wife found this out when she wanted to make rum-raisin ice cream for me as a holiday treat. One google, and there these directions were. Amazing. Mama's still not happy about the loss, but at least we can work the apparatus. Will post the RR recipe if it turns out OK.

  16. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Does anyone have the Pina Colada ice cream recipe that comes with the Waring IC Maker? It's my favorite and my mom can't find it, it doesn't require any cooking!!!!

  17. I looked at the booklet and there is not a pina colada ice cream, only a pineapple yogurt dessert.

    This recipe, however, looks very good -- no eggs, and no cooking: Pina Colada Ice Cream.

  18. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Thanks. The one you posted is so close to the one we used to make. I wonder if she had a special recipe book? Anyway, I'll try the one you found. I've searched and searched and still never found the one you posted. Thanks!!!!

  19. Anonymous2:11 PM

    wow I have had Been given this ice cream maker over 3 years with only the french instructions book and did not have the English instructions with it. my brother-in-law said he would translate it all for me, But I'm still waiting. I am so glad I found it here.
    Thank you so much

  20. Anonymous6:15 AM

    My booklet has recipe for Pina Colada Ice Cream:

    1 15.5 oz. can cream of coconut milk
    2 cups heavy cream
    1/8 tsp salt
    1/2 TBSP. rum extract
    1/4 cup sugar
    1/4 cup crushed pineapple

    Put everything except crushed pineapple into contaier. STir thoroughly. Proceed with basic steps to freeze. Tope with pineapple.

  21. I wanted to offer my thanks as well. Like others, I inherited my ice cream maker. My grandmother bought it at a thrift store, then my mother inherited it, and now finally I have inherited it. I have a house full of boys spending the night, and pull out the ice cream maker only to find out the instructions were missing!!! You made a lot of 11 & 12 year old boys VERY happy!!!


  22. Anonymous2:34 PM

    This ice cream maker works really well. I had it forever but only used it once or twice. I made fresh raspberry ice cream that was heavenly.

  23. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Thank you! I appreciate that I found your instructions immediately when I Googled it. Now my daughters will be able to enjoy homemade ice cream as I did in the 70's.

  24. Anonymous7:34 AM

    I was given this machine over 20 years ago but it only had French instructions, so I put it away and never used it. I was just googling to find a picture of it to sell. Now that I've read all these comments and found instructions I think I will keep it and give it a try. Thanks

  25. I think you'll like the Ice Cream Parlor! It's a wonderful machine.

  26. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Thank you for posting this. I KNOW the manual is in my garage. But it's raining cats and dogs...!!!

  27. Thank you for posting this. I KNOW the manual is in my garage but it's raining cats and dogs...!

  28. Thank you for posting this. I KNOW the manual is in my garage but it's raining cats and dogs...!

  29. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Thanks for posting this. I am taking twenty city kids to the country. Probably all of them have never had or seen homemade ice cream. We gathered up these three makers but had no instructions. A lot of kids are going to appreciate your efforts.

  30. Anonymous1:43 PM

    wow how easy, thanks, had ice cream maker for 3 yrs. found @ yard sale,no instructions so just collecting dust, ice cream was so good and your insructions the bomb! can you use ice cream salt in the machine? have a bunch, thanks

  31. They say to use regular salt, but we have at times used ice cream salt. It will make a difference in the texture and speed of the freezing, but you'll still get decent ice cream.


    Mysterious Traveler.

  32. Any ideas on replacement cans? Mine got dropped and dented and now will not fit with the dasher. Can't find anythng on the Waring site.

  33. Replacement cans would be very, very tough. But I suspect you can find an entire Ice Cream Parlor on eBay fairly reasonably. All I've had to replace is the metal washer underneath the can.

  34. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I found this site because I was looking for a replacement can also. My Waring IC Parlor machine was purchased in the mid 70's and used only a couple of times but the can is kind of rusty so I am looking for a replacement. Too bad they don't make things today that work and last forever! I also have the instruction booklet but need a can!!

  35. If you have a local machine shop, it may be possible to have the can resurfaced. I have done that with stove parts.

    Good luck!

  36. Anonymous12:44 AM

    I'm making frozen yogurt in my Waring Ice Cream Parlor right now, but it doesn't seem to be working. I followed the directions (magically, I still have my booklet!) but I am missing the support arm. Is that essential? The cream can is rotating and the dasher is remaining stationary. However, only a few minutes into running the machine, the can stopped. The yogurt is not cold at all! Anyone know why this is happening? I also used rock salt instead of table salt, if that makes any difference. Thank you!

  37. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Is the dasher supposed to remain stationary the entire time? How does the ice cream get churned?


  38. Leah, the dasher remains stationery and the canister turns around it until the ice cream is to firm to turn.
    Karen (MT)

  39. Frozen yogurt maker: Without the support arm, the can doesn't get enough traction to turn. Not sure if you could find a replacement -- perhaps carve one out of wood? Sorry not to be of more help.
    Karen (MT)

  40. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Thank you...I have been using it without the water! Now it's churning up some nice rocky road....Thanks again

  41. Anonymous7:28 AM

    How much ice cream liquid to put in the can? My can does not have fill level stamped on it.

  42. Amount of liquid depends on the recipe...But most recipes are 2 pints (four cups) of cream, milk, cooked egg/cream, etc. plus some flavoring on fruit. I'm surprised there isn't a fill level. So: Follow your recipe, but don't put more than 5 cups total of mix into the can and you should be safe.

  43. 4Graces7:16 PM

    I came across this blog, which I guess was written more than ten years ago, when I was trying to find out if Waring still makes the Ice Cream Parlor machine. The one I have is over forty years old and has had more or less constant use in all that time. The canister has churned hundreds of miles, I'm sure. Oh, it still works like a champ, but I suppose its days are numbered and I would love to have a brand new one. The instructions given by The Mysterious Traveler are great, but the process is just automatic for me anyway. Do you suppose it would do any good to beg Waring to make this little machine again? It is super easy to use and turns out a quart of delicious ice cream. We had vanilla at a family birthday party last night.

    1. My Ice Cream Parlor has worn out a tiny little metal circle at the bottom, but a friend got me a new one for 10 cents at an industrial hardware supply place. Should last another 40 years...

  44. looking for a plain vanilla recipe i seem to have lost my book, its cream and half n half n eggs n sugar but if anyone has the actual measurements it would be great. If I find mine I will post

    2Tbls flour, 1-1/2 tsp vanilla, the real stuff, 2 eggs, 1 c. sugar, 1/8 tsp salt 2 c heavy cream, 2c half n half