Monday, December 06, 2004

The true value of the electoral college

The audience behavior at the first The Nation magazine panel on our cruise didn't make you optimistic about the left getting it together before the next election.

Fortunately, the panelists were far more coherent.

Some highlights:

Robert Scheer characterized the Bush voters as "an alliance of greed with phony Christianity." He was the most optimistic of the panelists, noting that "Bush is now clearly responsible for a mess: Iraq and the fall of the dollar."

Molly Ivins called for election reform so we could elect the president by direct vote, quipping "the only reason to keep the electoral college is so high school debate teams will have a topic."

The moderator, Calvin Trillin, confessed that he is not a First Amendment absolutist: "I think people who show slides of their trips to Europe should be arrested."

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