Sunday, December 12, 2004

Back on land

Delivered from the solicitous care of Holland America into the callous disregard of Continental Airlines, I know I'm on my way back from vacation.

Thanks to an unguarded wireless network in the nearby dignitaries waiting lounge, I've posted our trip pix.

The Nation seminars on the cruise were great, but the people were even better. We sat with fascinating people every night, culminating in last night's dinner hosted by Bob Scheer of the LA Times and his wife, Narda Zucchino, deputy editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. Though clearly tired from the week of presentations, Scheer steered the table into a lively discussion of each person's experience with the current political climate. Participants included an 82-year old activist from Southern California who stood up to the police while trying to register voters outside a Target store; a liberal couple from Blue Earth, Montana; a career Air Force officer whose assignment includes critiquing the Air Force from the inside; and his wife, who is embarking on a second career as a political activist, changing minds one at a time.

Yesterday wound up with a poetry slam, an ad hoc session dreamed up by Harvey Pressman, who had been entertaining all of us through the week with his progress in the cruise's Karaoke contest. Here's one of the winners:

The quality of discussion on a Nation cruise--
Is it better when we've won, or when we lose?

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