Saturday, December 11, 2004

Facial voodoo

I signed up for a facial on the cruise. What utter voodoo! The woman covered me in a series of lovely scented gels (lavender, mint, and rose), then used little metal rollers on my face while I held a magnet in my hand. Then a tool that went "buzz" for deep cleaning.

The real voodoo came at the end when she explained to me why I desperately needed four little bottles of their products. The price? $247. I was sure I'd misheard wonder they employ aestheticians with thick foreign accents.

Boo, Holland America.

At dinner I encountered two other women who reported similar one case the aesthetician/sales vulture had simply handed her a bag with three bottles of product and a bill for $300. We all agreed to write letters, liberally cc'd, when we get back to shore.

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