Monday, March 19, 2007

The sun factor

It's hard to have a bad day when the sun is out.

After yoga this morning I worked on the round Pottery Barn coffee table I bought on Craig's List Thursday and have been lugging around in the car. I set it in the driveway and employed pecans and liquid floor wax to fill in the scratches. Some day I'll touch it up with more professional products, but for the moment it fits in fairly well with our eclecticly furnished living room.

My friend Chris and I drove down to see the new Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park. It's a popular place on a warm spring day -- particularly with photographers. I brought along the Canon Digital Rebel and was pleased with the quality of the pictures. The camera is amazingly easy to use, but bulky to lug around -- not something I can put in my purse "just in case" I want to take a picture.

After dinner I went a final round with our 2006 taxes. That was finished shortly after midnight and I am so relieved it's over. Unfortunately, there's no one around to celebrate with; even the cats are asleep!

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