Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just a migraine

Whew! My headache turned out to be just a seasonal migraine, not the flu that is making Zorg so miserable. By four p.m. today I was my usual energetic self. Which was fortunate, because at that point Zorg's fever was over 103 and he needed to see a doctor.

Poor Zorg. The doctor gave him Tamiflu anti-viral to reduce the virus' strength. I'm taking a half-strength dosage of Tamiflu to reduce my chances of getting the virus.

We missed out today's beautiful 75-degree weather and now have to cancel our plans to attend the Potlatch SF gathering in Portland this weekend. (We're assuming Zorg will be better by then, but he will have to spend the weekend catching up on work to prepare for a business trip next Monday.)

My plans, assuming I remain flu-free, are to catch up on my yoga classes and attend some evening dance events. Too bad the weather is slated to relapse to its seasonal drizzle.

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