Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bad hair day

They've installed a new phone system at the expensive spa/salon in Ballard where I get my hair cut, and it's right on the cutting edge -- of abysmal customer service experiences.

I called and attempted to book an appointment, was told to push "one" to book, did so, waited (while being bored by a gushy ad for acne relief), was blithered at about how I could go to their website to get a gift certificate that I didn't want, and then was very suddenly told to "push 'pound' to stay on the line."

I quickly pushed "pound"...but was disconnected anyway.

I am sure the new phone system is extremely convenient -- for them. But for their customers it's about as pleasant as a dog-poop facial.

"Thank you for choosing [name of salon]," indeed!

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