Sunday, July 09, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

For some reason, I have only the vaguest memories of the weekend. It was chopped into little tasks, and lots of cancellations.

Friday night I completed the draft text for a website I'm editing. It's a very frustrating project because the structural and visual redesign the site needs is not going to happen for several months. It's like being asked to clean up a cluttered room without moving or removing any of the junk.

Perhaps by way of compensation, I went out and removed lots of overgrowth from the garden. Then I watered all of the various beds using soaker hoses and sprinklers. It's only the first week of July, and already plants are looking stressed, and the lawn's turning brown. Very discouraging.

Zorg took me to REI to shop for clothes for my trip back East. I wanted some travel wear that dries rapidly, and was delighted to find two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts that worked. Unfortunately, the shirts looked either like something you'd wear on safari or something you'd wear while riding in the Tour de France.

Saturday night we tried to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the Bay, but it had sold out hours before showtime.

Tonight's dinner here with my mom and our cousins from Phoenix had to be postponed due to an illness; fortunately I hadn't bought the salmon yet. Or baked the pie. Now that's all shifted over to Wednesday.

I've been scanning some books into Delicious Library and plan to watch an episode of Twin Peaks (season 1) on the iMac before bed. I'd seen the Twin Peaks film, but not the TV show. It's fascinating.

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