Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy ending in sight

My appeal to the head of the company that was holding our screen door hostage for weeks resulted in immediate action by the vice president to get the door delivered and installed. Things continued to go wrong at nearly every turn (the door the salesman had ordered did not have the customized features I'd requested and emailed him to confirm; the hinges didn't fit) but once the VP was involved (he actually drove over to the house to check on the installation) problem solving was the order of the day. And the fellows doing the actual installation were delightful.

Of course, I'm now wishing I'd taken my concerns about the salesman up the ladder much sooner. But when a problem is incremental (such as a delay) it's hard to decide when to turn on the aggro. (Those of you who think "aggro" is a gamer term can check out its origins here.)

So, chalk one up for the squeaky wheel.

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