Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ice cream, raccoons, bamboo, and bathtubs

What do ice cream, raccoons, bamboo, and bathtubs have in common? Problems related to them are what drive most of the traffic to The Mysterious Traveler Sets Out in the summer months.

The most popular archived entry at TMTSO is one that reprints the gist of the operating manual for the 1970s ice cream maker the Waring Ice Cream Parlor. The machine is apparently indestructable, but most people have misplaced the directions.

The next most popular entries are the ones about our raccoon-proof cat door. It is, indeed, utterly raccoon-proof. The only problem with it has been that one of our cats is afraid to use it because of the whirring sound the electric mechanism makes when it raises the guillotine-style door. The rest of the cats having gotten the hang of it, though one of them had a bad experience the other night. The door was going up to let little Kaylee out of the laundry room; she failed to see her big beefy sister Zoe waiting in the dark on the other side to come in. When door opened, both cats leaped forward, and in the resulting collision big Zoe blasted poor Kaylee six feet across the laundry room.

Tied for third place behind the ice cream maker and cat door entries are entries on getting rid of bamboo and caulking a bathtub.

I've made a note to myself to check January 15 to see which are the most popular winter entries. Perhaps I should blog about cleaning the filter on the furnace...

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