Thursday, March 02, 2006

Weekday wonder

OK, now I'm on vacation. Yesterday was spent on the phone, trying to schedule everything from car service (it would be nice if the driver's window could be rolled down) to vet appointments. It didn't feel much different from trying to do the same things in between meetings.

But today I got up and went out for a walk in Sunset Hill with an information architect friend. Then I came home, gathered my lists, and went out to run errands. On a weekday. When roads are driveable, parking is plentiful, stores are nearly empty, and store employees are available to answer questions. Wow, what a difference!

Errands that would have required three or four hours on a weekend (most of that spent circling clogged parking lots, squeezing my way through crowded aisles, and fidgeting in glacial checkout lines) got accomplished in less than two. There was even time to pop in to my favorite eccentric upholstery shop on Holman Road; they're going out of business, so I thanked them for past work and said goodbye.

Tomorrow, it's Thai lunch with "the noodle group" in Fremont, more errands, and maybe some gardening: My Home Depot purchase today was the long-awaited rough-terrain hand truck for moving large pots around in the garden.

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