Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's starting to feel...different

I left Apple to focus on writing, but the past month I've been focused mostly on shifting gears.

Two major out-of-town trips, two writing conferences, and several out-of-the-office weekday appointments helped me break away from the tied-to-the-desk routine. I'm now exploring a freelance arrangement that "feels right." It's part-time, project-by-project web writing. Being a sub-contractor seems very appealing right now.

I've been busy re-arranging the house, selling furniture that just doesn't work (a loveseat, some Craftsman stuff from the previous house) and replacing it with things I hope will be more functional: a maple bookcase from Ballard Bookcase Company for the dining room, and one of those neat sewing machine cabinets where the sewing machine rises up in the middle like a Las Vegas cabaret act.

Here's the Ekornes chair I found on Craig's List. Very comfy for sitting in the office and using Front Row on the new iMac.

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