Sunday, March 05, 2006

17" G4 iMac for sale - $600

The 17" iMac I'm selling is an older model (see picture) but it's fast (1.25 GHz) with upgraded RAM (1 GB) and the larger 150 GB hard drive. Includes a SuperDrive for reading and writing CDs and DVDs, internal modem, Bluetooth, and an Airport Extreme card to take advantage of higher speed WiFi. I'm the original owner, having purchased it October, 2003. It has AppleCare extended warranty through October 29, 2006.

It comes with the original keyboard, mouse, those cute little round speakers, and even the original box. [NOTE: iSight camera in picture is not included.] You are welcome to come over and give it a test drive with all my apps and software. If you want to buy, I'll erase my apps and data from the hard drive and install a brand-new (hitherto unopened) copy of Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) that can be registered to you.

Price: $600
(bidding on eBay for the same model, with less RAM and a smaller hard drive, typically exceeds $600)

This is a Seattle-area offer only...if none of my readers or their friends are interested, it's over to Craig's List next week.

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