Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Qwest now offers ultra-fast DSL in our area and it turns out to be cheaper than the moderately accelerated (but increasingly flakey) DSL we've been getting via Covad. Taking no chances, we ordered the Qwest DSL for the fax line while keeping the Covad DSL live on the phone line until we could make sure the Qwest service was working for all our various ethernet and Airport configurations.

Finally got it nailed down this a.m. when my VPN service for work was configured, and now it's farewell to Covad. I just checked the download speed using CNET's bandwidth test and it tested faster than a T1 line.

Now to do something about the Ethernet cables running up and down the hall. Zorg got some longer cables from Radio Shack and we'll run the cables through the basement this weekend.

Kudos to our ISP, Seanet, which told me about the Qwest deal and stayed on the line while I dealt with the Qwest sales airhead who said things like:

"Is this for Windows 2000, or Windows XP?" (Me: "No.")

"With this service, you get MSN as your ISP." (Me: "I think not. Did you notice this call to you was placed by the ISP I already have, Seanet?")

I just got the Qwest bill, replete with hidden costs like the $9.95 shipping and handling charge for the modem I purchased from them. Grrrr.

Incidentally, the Mac OS X Tiger install on the PowerBook last night went smoothly. Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger included Joe's Compromise Method, midway between an archive-and-install and an erase-and-install, and it worked for me. I haven't even had to use the Restore Missing Files advice.


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