Thursday, June 16, 2005

Girls only

A few months ago the online community of women folkdancers to which I belong had a discussion of bras. It wasn't pretty. The marketing line about bras is that 50 percent of American woman wear the wrong size of bra; the consumer line is that no manufacturer makes bras that are comfortable and attractive and actually fit (if they accidentally do, they seem to promptly discontinue that model).

I didn't leap into the online discussion because I didn't have much to contribute except more gripes: I'm small but busty and almost all the bras available in my size make me look like I should be wearing a horned helmet and singing Wagnerian opera. The rest of them look good only if I don't try to move or breathe.

Well, I finally found a no-wire bra that has support but doesn't look like it was designed and constructed by Orcs in Mordor.

Chico's, the boutique chain that sells sort of ethnic/slinky stuff for middle-aged gals has started a lingerie line called Soma.

The Soma line includes the no-wire "Agnes" bra that is just drop-dead gorgeous: a smooth, silky fabric; seamless cups; and it even comes in black! They also have several underwire models. Not cheap, but not as expensive as Wacoal bras at Nordies. (And if you're a Chico's Passport member, they've always got coupon deals going.)

I can't image that any guys have been reading a blog entry on bras, but, if you have, feel free to pass the info along to the woman in your life. If you want to order one for her yourself, you're either very experienced at that or completely out of your mind. Anyway, here's the eHow guide to buying lingerie as a gift. Step one of that ought to be enough to keep you busy for a while.

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