Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pain in the...

Don't file a workman's comp claim in Washington unless witnesses saw a stack of the company's servers fall on you. If I'd said I'd injured my wrist gardening, I'd have had surgery by now to remove the cyst from my tendon. As it is, I'm stuck in painful limbo and likely to remain there for many weeks.

After booking an appointment for me and taking the number of my workman's comp claim over the phone, the incredibly crass and insensitive staff at the surgeon's office informed me when I showed up for my appointment that I couldn't see the surgeon. The reason: I didn't bring a letter from workman's comp saying that they would pay for my surgery.

I pointed out that they hadn't asked to me bring such a letter, that I was there for an assessment, not the surgery, and that my excellent health insurance will pay for the surgery if workman's compensation denies coverage. And I offered to pay for the assessment in cash.

They could have cared less. The rude nurse who bustled me out of the waiting room into the hall seemed to take pleasure in assuring me that it would likely take up to three months ("or more, if they extended the claim review" she said gleefully) for the state to either decide that I'm eligible to have treatment or deny the claim so the health insurance will kick in.

In the mean time, I can't use a scissors, a hammer, or garden clippers without searing pain in my wrist. Needless to say, when the workman's comp insurance issue is eventually resolved, I will not be returning to that surgery practice for the operation.

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