Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Divorce, office style

I admit that I sometimes confuse my work life with my home life. And, from that perspective, I just went through an amicable divorce. A recent re-org, though minor from the company's perspective, split my team.

We were a team that had been serving two increasingly disparate business groups. I went through each workday tormented by the impatient toe-tapping of whichever group was not being served at that micro-second, and interrupting any project longer than an email reply to deal with some mini-crisis from the "other" side.

Mercifully, the re-org has me re-focused on just one group's priorities, and already it feels much better -- though I'm still peeling away the tentacles of the other group from various directories, databases, and corporate travel and expense systems.

My boss went with the other group, and one of my favorite colleagues is my new boss. Now that the split is complete, there are only two of us left from the original team I joined five years ago. I feel like a tribal elder.

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