Monday, May 02, 2005

Birthdays, weddings and anniversaries

I haven't been blogging much because of wrist pain. It's finally been diagnosed as a cyst on my tendon, and I'll be seeing a surgeon Thursday to talk about having that removed. Not only has this been cramping my blogging style, it's been getting in the way of my gardening. To say nothing of slowing me down at work.

We are into the birthday season. Tonight Zorg and I went to a dinner party at the local community center in honor of the 90th birthday of our neighbor Steve, the retired police detective with whom we share Smokey the cat. Steve's family and friends had a great photo display, including pictures of Steve as a young police officer in the 1940s. I collected some great neighborhood stories. Quite a few people well into their 80s, but all in fabulous shape.

Poor Smokey. We returned home from the party to find him wandering sadly up and down the street, wondering where all his owners had gone. He had been reduced to playing with the children across the street, and came in with us for a while to visit the kittens. And, speaking of birthdays, the kittens are now officially cats, having turned 1 this week. They are full grown--Zoe (Big Stripe) weighs 9 pounds and Kaylee (Little Stripe) weighs 6.

We continue with birthdays in May with Zorg's mom and his aunt, and move on to his nephew and his grandmother (she'll be 102!) in June. I bought a heap of cards at Bartell (including cards in Hebrew and Russian!) and will tackle the presents after we finish with Mother's Day and my cousin Alex's wedding this weekend. Zorg and I celebrate a big wedding anniversary (10) in June. Fortunately, we don't do anniversary gifts. We just go out to a nice restaurant celebrate over martinis, or Manhattans--anything but Zombies.

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