Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Attention, foodies

The new olive oils are in at Gustiamo. And they are having a half-off sale on six-bottle cases of last year's Sicilian and Tuscan olive oils, and a North/South combo.

Gustiamo is a rather eccentric etailer that has been around for five years, bringing obscure Italian delicacies to the US. The selection is best described as "what's good, and exportable." The service and shipping are expert--definitely "satisfaction guaranteed." (They once overnighted me bufala mozzarella from Naples!)

Most of what's offered on Gustiamo comes from small farms and producers. There is very little overlap with anything you'd find in even the best gourmet stores in the states. The site is arranged by region, which makes perfect sense, since Italian food differs so dramatically from region to region. Prices are quite a bit better than in the gourmet stores, and the products are likely fresher (the bottarga--pressed fish eggs that you grate over pasta--is a good example).

I've ordered a case of the discounted Sicilian oils--strong, peppery and pungent. If you order the discounted Tuscan case and would like to trade two bottles of yours for two of mine, and you're in the Seattle area, let me know. Bon apetito!

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