Thursday, October 05, 2006

Healthy pet food

I sometimes feel guilty about feeding my cats commercial pet food, but there is no way I'm about to start grinding, chopping, and serving raw meat and bones for them. Nor do I like having to schlep off to shop in little pet food boutiques for tiny expensive tins of food that are supposedly more healthful -- particularly when all four of our cats leave the healthy food untouched in their dishes and yowl stridently until we bring out the Fancy Feast.

Enter Pet Promise.

Available at local supermarket, Pet Promise is a line of wet and dry foods endorsed by health expert Dr. Andrew Weil. Apparently Weil wanted food for his own dogs that was free of "animal byproducts," the garbage leftovers from the meat industries. He eventually found a company making pet food from hormone-free, human-grade fish, chicken, and beef and teamed up with them to bring it to a general market. (For more on the emerging pet health food field, see this Mother Earth News article).

Pet Promise has just debuted, and you can find promotional coupons for it in many supermarket mailers. (I just got one from QFC.)

I purchased a bag of the Pet Promise mature formula dry food at the Ballard Market last night, brought it home, and put a bowl of it in front of our notoriously finicky elderly Himalayan-Abyssian. (Finicky? This is a cat that approaches even a dish of its favorite food as if the dish were about to explode.)

The verdict? Betaille dug right in. Ate a whole bowl of the stuff. Now I'm trying it out on the rest of the herd.

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