Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Tk'tk'tk" wins a Hugo Award!

Last February, right in the midst of my departure from Apple, I took Anita Rowland's sage advice and got myself to Potlatch 15 in Seattle. This convention for science fiction readers and writers is pleasurably intense, and by the end of the con Sunday afternoon I was pretty much in a daze. I'd offered one out-of-town participant, who was staying with friends in Fremont, a ride out from downtown. We were collecting our coats in the hospitality suite when a man I'd heard on some panels walked up to me and introduced himself. We started chatting, and it was one of the most enjoyable conversations of the weekend (which was saying quite a lot -- it was a fascinating group). This fellow was David Levine, the editor (with Kate Yule) of the fanzine Bento, and an up-and-coming short story writer. I'd read David's distinctive story "Tk'tk'tk" in Asimov's in the past year, and was delighted to learn it was up for a Hugo Award, one of the highest distinctions in SF literature.

Just heard tonight that "Tk'tk'tk" has won! Congratulations, David! A memorable piece of writing by a very talented -- and inspiring -- writer.

The story has been available on the Asimov's site, but I believe it may be taken down now that the awards have been announced. Try this link!

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