Friday, August 11, 2006

Three hidden Ballard treats

Tiny beachfront. If you follow 28th Ave NW south across Market Street, alongside Habitude, and across the railroad tracks, you'll come to a tiny public dock with a little sign in the midst of a marine industrial area. Nice place to sit and eat lunch.

Inexpensive fresh ice cream. The ice cream truck that sells popsicles and other commercial stuff at the entrance to the Ballard Locks park also has very nice homemade vanilla ice cream for just 75 cents a cup. (The menu says it's "soft ice cream," but it's not.) (I'm still in shock about the 1 small scoop of gelato in Fremont that cost me $4.)

The gift shop at the Locks. Great selection of high quality toys, ornaments, kids books, coffee table books, travel guides, clothing, and more.

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