Thursday, August 03, 2006

East Coast time

I'm still on East Coast time, so off to bed in a few minutes.

The trip to Cape Cod and other parts of Eastern Massachusetts was primarily to give my mom a chance to visit old neighbors and schoolmates, most of whom are, like her, in their late 80s and not traveling much these days.

Our visit took us to our old neighborhood in Dennisport; here's a picture of the beach at the end of our street. It looks exactly the way it did when I swam there 30 years ago. We later drove off-Cape and up to Wrentham, where we visited a friend of my mom's who has the best retirement set-up I've ever seen. It's 1930s-era cottage right on the edge of Lake Archer. Literally--this woman's back porch is a dock. Here's a shot (taken rather too late in the evening) of dusk, seen from the kitchen window.

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