Sunday, August 28, 2005


Just spent three hours typing, first time since wrist surgery Tuesday. OUCH! My arm is on fire.

This afternoon, as the wind came up, I sent Zorg out to close the patio umbrella. I remember years when we had to batten down the whole patio set every few weeks, but there hasn't been a storm all summer. This looked like it would be the first one. But the rain that came, after all the wind and ominous clouds, wasn't much. Now Betaille's out there on the back porch looking in at us as if to say "What a bunch of wimps!" (I'd taken in the nice outdoor pillow for her cedar bench.)

I hope we got enough rain to soak the arugula starts.

BTW, gardening alert: Swanson's 50%-off-shrubs-and-vines sale starts Thursday, Sept. 1, and they'll be getting new stock in during the sale period. There are some very nice beauty berry bushes.

PLANTS AVAILABLE SOON: I'll be removing from my garden one very large bear's breeches, a large purple hebe, a young pieris japonica, and (if possible to remove in one piece) a big woody purple hydrangea. Also, a rosemary in the shape of a 5-foot Christmas tree that just isn't happy in the terra cotta pot it's currently in. All very nice plants but just too big for this little cottage garden. Let me know if you are interested in any of these. Have any dahlias or peonies to trade?

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