Saturday, August 20, 2005

About this blog

StatCounter tells me the following things about this blog:

It gets about 100 hits daily; 35 of those visits are "real"--between 30 seconds and an hour long. The rest are the blogger equivalent of "wrong numbers."

The most popular page is the homepage itself, with the most recent blog entry.

Most people come to The Mysterious Traveler Sets Out (TMTSO) from keyword searches (more on that later). They are also referred from my blogger profile, and from

Keyword searchers are interested in:
• Waring Ice Cream Parlor instructions
• Wolf stove wok grate
• Gary Broisma, dragostea din tei, and numa numa
• f1e2 error message (for the KitchenAid stove)
• catman cat scratching posts

75% percent of the searchers are coming to TMTSO from Google, with a few from MSN, Yahoo!, and Ask Jeeves; more than 60% of the visitors use Internet Explorer and more than 30% use Safari and Firefox; 93 percent of the visitors are from ISPs in the United States.

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