Monday, July 25, 2005


I took a vacation day today, even though it meant missing a day from work during a period with daily deadlines. So many of my colleagues have missed three or four days because of illness that I'm hoping giving myself a three-day weekend may inoculate me against that.

The weekend itself was fairly relaxing, particularly Sunday when Zorg and I went for a long walk through the neighborhood. I came back carrying a beautiful wicker chair, $4 at a yard sale, on my head.

Sunday evening Bob came over to have chili with us, and afterwards we sat around discussing technology and constitutional law.

This morning I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned, then went grocery shopping and picked up a dozen tiny cupcakes at Verite Coffee/Cupcake Royale for my mom's birthday. Came home, set the cats free for the day, and enjoyed a few hours out in the yard. My mom came over at 4 with her iBook. I got all her system software updated via our Airport and broadband connection, then showed her how to rip CDs into iTunes. We even downloaded a song from the iTunes Music Store. Once she had that down, I gave her her birthday gift, a silver iPod mini. We had steaks and roasted sweet corn while the mini charged and updated, and then she got to try it out. She left around 8 with all her loot (including various iPod accessories) and my Patsy Cline CD collection, feeling very au courant. I suspect she'll be marching around Edmonds wearing the iPod tomorrow.

Just before dinner, I got a phone call from our elderly neighbor Steve. He's at University Hospital, having suffered another fall. He wanted us to check on Smokey, the cat we share with him. Sure enough, a distraught Smokey was on Steve's steps, wondering why no one was letting him in. We have Steve's keys, so we let Smokey in, where he ate dinner and came to grips with the fact that Steve wasn't there. Then we left, taking Smokey with us. I am going to try to feed him over here, but if worse comes to worse, I guess we can just take him over to Steve's a couple times a day.

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