Friday, July 01, 2005

More ice cream

I had a vacation day today. Much of it was spent scratching my head over problems with phone and internet wiring, and moving furniture in the basement den, but I got to have a Thai lunch with the lively Fremont noodle group (a gathering of home office folks) and dinner at Sam's Sushi with Zorg.

I'd parked at the west edge of Fremont for the lunch this noon and walked in. On the way back, I stopped at the new soft-serve ice cream bar next to Deluxe Junk. (Not to be confused with the gelato place, just around the corner by the statue of Lenin, which I haven't tried yet.)

The soft-serve is real high-quality dairy (not the scary plastic does-not-melt stuff) and delicious. They have kid-size servings (bought one) and those waxy chocolate and butterscotch dips (didn't try one), plus they do floats. Very cool. I asked if they might have frozen custard this summer; the manager said the machines can handle it, but extra egg and butterfat in frozen custard would make it difficult to clean the machines. Frozen custard from Kopp's, Ted Drewes, Sheridan's, and Culver's, is a midwestern obsession, but pretty rare in Washington state.

Sheridan's has a store at 14389 SE Mill Plain Blvd. in Vancouver, WA, and the P-I reports that Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream will be producing frozen custard for sale at Larry's Market soon. Chocolate frozen custard is on my list of 10 favorite foods.

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