Saturday, July 23, 2005

More garage sale madness

John came over today to QA the berry-rhubarb pie and we walked down the alley to a neighbor's yard sale. She's selling her old farmhouse/beachhouse, probably because the folks on the wooded lot across the street are about to sell their property to a developer who plans to stuff seven new build-to-the-height-limit-and-beyond houses onto the view property.

It was a nice yard sale -- she had charming antiques and reproduction stuff: rugs, lamps, mirrors, and some great garden items. There was a huge, sturdy rectangular wicker basket, perfect for blankets and quilts. The price was high; I tried to haggle; she said the price was high because she didn't really want to sell it. When I offered the full price, she decided she couldn't part with the basket after all, and took it out of the sale. We all laughed.

I wonder how often that happens at yard sales?

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