Wednesday, March 23, 2005

While the cat's away

All the cats are here, but Zorg's on a business trip. That means it's time for me to invoke the family tradition of eating things the absent spouse dislikes.

At least, that's my family tradition. My father was an ergonomics engineer for the early manned space flights, and was often out of town for research meetings. When he traveled, my mother served cheese omelettes or grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (these did not qualify as "dinner" in my dad's view). Or she took me out for dinner at the S&W cafeteria at Seven Corners (cafeterias were also "not dinner" for my dad, who thus missed out on the S&W's delicious spoonbread--sort of a grits souffle). On the very infrequent occasions when my mother was out of town, my dad took me to Chicken in a Basket or Shakey's pizza in Annandale. (Spoonbread? Chicken in a Basket? Yeah, in the 1960s Northern Virginia was still The South.)

So what's on the menu at the Shady Rest West in Zorg's absence? Tonight it was pork chops (I keep a stash of them in the freezer) pan broiled in white wine with flame raisins, apples, and minced shallots. The apples were less than exciting, but the reduced sauce was good.

Tomorrow night I'm going out to Dragonfish downtown. (Weeknight dinners downtown are not Zorg's thing.) I ate there a few weeks ago with friends before a silent movie at the Paramount, and am going back to try it again. It's contemporary Pan Asian cuisine, but it's the only Seattle restaurant I know that manages that old-fashioned atmosphere of a downtown neighborhood nightspot: friendly, elegant and intimate. Lots of people dining alone but in a relaxed way, with a cocktail and a book, and a few boths with small parties getting together after work. Utterly unhurried, with engaging waitstaff. Food's good, sake is great.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Did we talk before about both being from Northern VA? I think we did. Seven Corners, the Drug Fair across fifty, Montgomery Wards... Kresge's!

    Anita Rowland

  2. Mmmm, sake.

    Tonight I am making special Jim's Chicken Wings with a spicy soy ginger marinade. Then a side of Gai Lan. Probably all served with an apple fan.

    Yes, that's tonight.

  3. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Hey! It nuked my post!

    Okay, I try again, but less spontaneous this time.

    Mmmm, Sake.

    Tonight I made Jim's Chicken Wings ... With a spicy soy ginger marinade. No processed ingredients. Gai Lan for vegetables. Probably an apple fan on the side.

    I am looking forward to it.