Friday, March 11, 2005

Here, kitty, kitty--oops!

Late last night, on my way up to bed, I decided to try to lure our elderly cat, Betaille, inside for the night. She prefers to sleep in a heated fleece-lined box in a sheltered alcove outside the basement, but I worry about her outside, particularly because of the recent raccoon visits. It's sometimes possible to lure her in with the promise of a midnight snack.

I turned on the back porch light, and she appeared at the foot of the back stairs. I opened the door, she ran halfway up the stairs and then I realized it was the raccoon, and he was headed right for the kitchen.

I hurriedly closed the door and he halted, looking slightly offended, midway up the stairs, and stood upright. This is one big, well-fed raccoon. He didn't seem to mind the bright light, either.

The back door is all glass, so we just stood there in full view of each other for a couple minutes. I opened the door a crack. He didn't move.

"Go away!" I hissed. He swiveled around slowly, dropped to all fours, and tiptoed down the stairs and off into the night.

The new guaranteed-against-raccoons cat door arrived in the mail this week, and we will be installing it this weekend.

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