Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I hate (name of company).com

...check out this great Forbes article about the best websites devoted to reviling particular major corporations ("the creme de la creme of online rage") and what the corporations they target think about them. Not surprisingly, anti-Walmart and anti-Microsoft sites made Forbes' top nine. But so did sites devoted to a couple of my favorite companies, UPS and PayPal (I luv PayPal). Also surprising: only one airline (United) appears on the hit list. I'd be happy to nominate at least three more denizens of the unfriendly skies.

Of course, Forbes chose its top hate sites based on things like ease of use, updates, number of posts, hostility level, relevance and entertainment value--not based on the actual odiousness of the target company.

I've never joined the squawking at one of these sites, preferring to leave any scathing comments at Epinions. How about you?

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