Thursday, August 07, 2008

Contest: What should I be doing?

At various times in my life, people whose experience is limited to traditional corporate jobs have decided that my running a freelance business doesn't really constitute working. And that I need a "real job."

They're at it again.

In the past, I've dealt with these campaigns by announcing, after a week or so, that I have looked for and found a full-time editorial contract with an extremely hidebound, uninteresting major company, health benefits included, and that I will be "very busy" for the next six months. Of course, there is no such I contract. I merely continue on with my usual freelance projects, and all is well.

The most amusing of these episodes involved me assuring people that a former client had offered me a full-time gig writing educational curricula. Four days after I concocted the story, damned if that client didn't call and offer me exactly that project (which I took on as part-time contractor).

Under pressure from the "traditional job" lobby, I'm considering serving up another fantasy job. But I need to be careful -- what if the fake job turns into an actual job offer again?

I'd love it if the Mysterious Traveler readers would help with this "job hunt" -- by keeping me entertained. While I cook up a plausible job, you get to be creative. The person who invents the most amusing/creative job offer for me gets lunch at Kaosamai in Fremont or Hattie's Hat in Ballard. (Not sure what I'll do if the contest is won by an out-of-town reader...but we'll think of something.)

Please include in your contest entry: Job title, job description, location (commute? telecommute?), any special job responsibilities or requirements, and (of course) compensation. Please leave the job offer in the form of a comment on the blog or send email to me at mysterioustraveler [at]

Stay tuned. The best "job offers" will be compiled and posted (without attribution!) at a later date.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Account & Content Liason

    Heading up a small team responsible for coordinating with "genre" publishers - mystery, sci-fi, YO, etc. - to get their content produced and available for the Kindle.

    Requirements: Deep knowledge of electronic publishing, mobile media, and fiction markets. Ability to "speak geek" in a number of fiction genres. Strong project management, supervisory, and organizational skills.

    Compensation: "competitive" - pick your own number. Bennies, 3 weeks vacation.

  2. Whoa! From your mouth to g-d's ear, as they say in New York.