Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer starts with a cookout

Summer is here, and the weekends are filling up with events.

Last night we enjoyed a spur-of-the-moment neighborhood cookout organized by Zorg and our friend Jeff across the street. The guys dragged our gas grill over to Jeff's driveway and six households contributed grillables ranging from lamb sausages and hot dogs to steak, garden burgers, and corn on the cob. Paper plates, plastic forks, plastic cups, and napkins materialized. There were two tossed salads, potato chips, cheese and crackers, plus a great variety of beers and white wines (and juice for the three little kids), followed by watermelon and ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. Ages of the attendees ranged from 4 (next week!) to 87.

Sunset found us gathered around a picnic table in the driveway, sipping our drinks, and discussing lightning bugs, June bugs, and remodeling contractors while the neighborhood pre-teens played basketball just down the street.

The calendar for the rest of the summer shows a lot of birthday parties, concerts, baseball outings, and dinners -- and even a trip to Vegas -- but I hope we've left room for a few more cookouts with the neighbors.

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