Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Season of the hype

Living through the run-up to February 14 is like watching a NASCAR race. You just know somebody's going to get hurt.

That's why Zorg and I have agreed to ignore Valentine's Day. It rather drove me nuts to get roses that I knew cost him three times as much as the nicer roses he gave me for our anniversary. It makes us both crazy to go out to dinner on a busy night when service and cooking are likely at their nadir. Fortunately, we have our "first date anniversary" just a few weeks before Valentine's Day, so we celebrate that instead, with a dinner out that traditionally involves mixed drinks. (Don't ask.)

Standing safely on the Valentine's sidelines, I have to admit I enjoy the tackier side of the holiday: the candy. The Candy Blog, which, as you might expect, goes wild this time of year. They've started out with candy rings and heart-shaped Junior Mints and will be moving upscale later in the week. I hope they mention Bittersweets "the Valentine's candy for the rest of us" somewhere along the way.

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