Thursday, February 08, 2007

My furry friends

The campaign to get Kaylee (our smallest cat) to stop removing all the pushpins from my office bulletin board seems to be successful. As soon as she saw the squirt gun on the desk, she knew I meant business. Of course, a few days later she tested me. And got drenched.

Now she contents herself with simply putting a paw on my chair and looking at me pathetically when she wants something. Of course, she's still pulling pushpins out of the bulletin board in the hall, since there's no squirt gun out there. Apparently we need to make another trip to Archie McPhee, local source of water-powered weaponry.

Just as I got Kaylee under control, one of the local raccoons got feisty. We often go out to find the little garden fountain filled with dirt, courtesy of the coons. About a month ago, a decorative part of the fountain was smashed. Earlier this week, I found the pump lying on the patio. Today I found the whole fountain in a mess, and the pump had stopped working. Betaille (the cat that likes to drink from fountain stream) was glaring at me as if to say "DO something."

So I ordered a different type of fountain, one with a hidden pump and a water reservoir that we can cover with bird netting to keep out the raccoon.

Yeah, right.

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