Monday, November 27, 2006

A week to look forward to

I'm coming off three exhausting days of yoga, and looking forward to some fun for the next week.

• Tuesday - coffee at Cafe Besalu with a friend and after work KBCS On the Road at the Tractor with Captain Leroy and the Zydeco Locals and Jo Miller and Her Burly Roughnecks. The KBCS event starts at the reasonable weeknight hour of 7 p.m. and benefits public radio. [2 p.m. Tuesday -- KBCS event has been cancelled due to icy road conditions. Drat! Coffee with my friend was fun, and we went thrift-shopping afterwards.]

• Wednesday night - my friend Rae is coming over to visit me and the kitties!

• Thursday night - a holiday party on Capitol Hill for a online list of local writers, followed by...well, yoga again.

• Friday - the annual Beppa wholesale event (at their new Phinney Ridge location) and, later, contra dancing!

• Saturday - A much-needed haircut with Ross at Habitude, an afternoon session making my Aunt Arv's famous rum balls, and then the big World of Warcraft Meetup downtown with Zorg, my Level 60 husband.

• Sunday - More yoga, followed by Winterfest at Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center -- a huge fair in a charming environment.

• Monday - Day off from work! Morning hands-on class at Sur la Table in Kirkland where they will teach me how to do a better job of decorating cookies than I did last year when I piped frosting all over the cats and spread cookies all over the house. Then dinner with Zorg at Tom Douglas' new pizza place, Serious Pie.

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