Friday, November 10, 2006

More uses for the hairdryer

A few days ago I came across a tip for how to remove sticky labels from things: A hairdryer.

Price tags and other labels attached with what would seem to be Gorilla Glue are right at the top of my list of pet peeves. I've pretty much resigned myself to tedious scrubbing with Goo Gone or some such smelly petroleum product and a non-scratch scrubber like a Dobie Pad to get sticky labels off of surfaces such as glass, plastic, and wood.

But last year I encountered a couple of particularly tenacious price tags that had me stumped. They were affixed to beautiful trade paperbacks, and you can't use Goo Gone or anything else damp on a paper cover. After much painstaking peeling, I ended up with 80% of the tag still firmly attached to the front of the book cover. I was distinctly annoyed.

When I read the hairdryer tip, I immediately thought of those books, and retrieved them from the bookcase. I turned on the hairdryer, heated the label, and pulled one label right off, with no damage at all to the paper cover. The second label, which I'd originally scraped away at a bit more, needed some gentle rubbing to get all the glue removed. But it worked!

Does everyone else know this trick and I'm just late to the game?

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