Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rain rain rain, whine whine whine

Well, the weather is certainly doing its best to render Seattle as miserable as out-of-towners imagine it. We don't often have days on end of steady precipitation, really we don't.

The cats periodically insist on going out in it, as if to say "this can't really be happening." Fortunately, we have several areas under the house and porches where they can hang out -- including, of course, two heated and insulated "cat nests."

Betaille, the elderly Himalayan/Abyssinian who lives in one of the nests, will no longer come up onto the exposed back porch to be fed, so we have to remember to go down to her den every few hours to feed her. She greets us with an irate "meowranh!"

The neighbors who travel all the time seem to be gone on yet a third trip in as many weeks. Their increasingly frenetic cat appeared in our basement at dinner time tonight and, for the second time this week, came on upstairs to demand that Zorg, her specially buddy, feed her a supper of canned cat food. Apparently the bowl of dry food in the basement no longer meets her expectations. Such nerve. Our cats were just flabbergasted.

If it sounds like our days are one long round of attending to damp, pathetic, restless felines...well, yes. And we're pretty damp, pathetic, and restless ourselves.

Next week we turn the whole operation over to various friends and catsitters and head off to MacWorld. The weather in San Francisco promises to be a tad better than this. I'm looking forward to the usual round of dinners and breakfasts with tech friends and old family friends, and luxuriating at The Nikko with Zorg. Plus a private billiards party — more on that later!

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