Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's a bagel

Yesterday I bought something I haven't seen in a long time: a real bagel.

I'm including a picture of the bagel, with a coffee cup, to show scale and to make the point that a real bagel is small. It weighs 3 oz. It is not the size of a sourdough bread.

It also tastes like a dense, dry, European white bread. It does not have jalapenos or blueberries in it, or (shudder) pizza sauce on top.

It has a limited shelf life, and will be dry as a bone in three days. It is not filled with preservatives and petrochemicals.

Interestingly, this particular bagel comes from a Seattle bakery with no Jewish roots (the baker is Asian). However, the baker is a master baker, with a strong knowledge of European (French) breads. Thus, the basic bagel.

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