Friday, January 14, 2005

Three cheers for MarkSpace

I arrived at Macworld this morning and realized that my Treo 600, fully charged and receiving a signal, was nevertheless unusable. The screen was dead. What to do?

Palm does not have a presence at Macworld this year, but MarkSpace does. (MarkSpace is the company whose product the Missing Sync bridges the gaps that exist between Apple's iSync, Palm Desktop software, and the huge variety of PDAs.)

I had used the Missing Sync in the days when I had a Sony Clie, and had just heard yesterday about cool new features that make Missing Sync a must-have for the Treo and other Palm Desktop devices.

I approached MarkSpace booth and threw myself on their mercy, identifying myself as a past customer and proffering my semi-dead Treo. They confirmed my suspicion that I needed to reset the Treo by poking a paperclip into the reset dimple on the back of the PDA, and they went in search of a paperclip. I realized that the stylus of the Treo might unscrew to reveal a reset pin--which it did. They stabbed it, it reset immediately, and I was in business. And I came away with a great tip: The MarkSpace folks suggested that the Treo be reset at least once a month for optimum performance.

Thank you, MarkSpace. I'll be upgrading my Missing Sync software and installing it on the Treo tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    dude, this is basic stuff! how could you NOT know how to reset it, and why wasn't that your FIRST thought when it wigged out on you?

  2. On many devices, "reset" not only resets your screen, it wipes your data. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to consult with someone who knew a great deal more than me before resetting. As a rule, I'd look for information on the Internet, but I didn't have Internet access from the floor at Macworld. So I asked the experts at MarkSpace. The idea of asking someone else for information--or the idea of someone else knowing more than you--is probably an alien concept to you, since, as I gather from the tone of your comment, you are a guy. Try it some time.

    --Dudette (aka the Mysterious Traveler)