Sunday, January 02, 2005

Amazon splurge

To reward myself for finally cleaning the garage/workshop, I blew all my Amazon gift certificates on a new cordless Panasonic drill/driver (and finally tossed the dead Makita, which was pretty feeble even in its prime).

The garage cleanup is part of the preparation for having the plumber on site to run pipes to bring the new gas line to a new dryer, a new hot water heater, and a new stove. Unfortunately, the gas hot water heater can't go where the electric hot water heater has been; gas hot water heaters need to be vented to the outside, either through a chimney (we don't have one in the center of the house) or a nearby wall (the current heater isn't near a wall). So the new hot water heater is going into the laundry room, and some things from the laundry room are going into the garage and pantry. Sigh.

It's not all out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new, though. This week the 1990 Honda Civic goes to the legendary High Road Automotive for a complete overhaul (though their sign says "Honda and Acura" their website says they do Toyota, Lexus and Subaru as well). What's so special about High Road? They are AAA approved, have a 5-star environmental rating from the county, and focus on preventive care for older vehicles. Check out what Car Talk readers have to say about them.

When I asked them if my 1990 Honda Civic stationwagon with 70K miles was worth preserving, they pointed to their three loaner cars: two are Honda Civic stationwagons even more ancient than mine.

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