Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reaction from the blogosphere and beyond

"The red/blue split first noticed in 2000 looks less like an anomaly of a tight election and more like a long-term alignment of the American people: The coasts, the Northeast, the Midwest -- almost anywhere that people are gathered in big cities -- for the Democrats; the West and the South for the Republicans. The last time the nation faced this kind of split, in the mid-19th century, we ended up shooting one another."
--Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comments

"Apparently, my country holds a fundamentally different set of values than I thought we did, and that scares the shit out of me."
--Wil Wheaton

"I have no doubt that the pendulum will swing back in my direction, perhaps in 4 years, perhaps in 8 or 12. I only hope that incurious George and his band of imperialistic jingoists do not do too much harm to the US and the world in the meantime."

"It's over. Let it go."
--Larry Lessig

"I’m going to spend time these next few days looking for the America in my heart. It may be a while before I see it anywhere else."
--comment posted on Lessig's site by adamsj

"My stomach is a mess. Even though I knew it was not going to be easy, just seeing those numbers come in are giving me agita. I'm smoking like there's no tomorrow--and since I have to go outside my apartment to do so, you know I'm freezing my butt."

"Now, without constraints, Bush can pursue the dreams he campaigned for--the use of U.S. military might to bring God's gift of freedom to the world, with no more 'global tests,' and at home the enactment of the imperatives of 'the right God.'"
--Sidney Blumenthal in Salon (Nov. 3)

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