Monday, February 02, 2009


For several years now, I've been reading the work of a certain Seattle Post-Intelligencer writer. I knew she was a friend one of my colleages from Apple's short-lived Seattle office. Tonight, via a Facebook search on my high school, I discovered that this woman and I attended the same high school in Northern Virginia, and had graduated only a year apart.

I sent her a note, and she replied mentioning a teacher we'd had who had particularly influenced her. Which was odd, because today I had been speaking Chinese ("Ni hao ma!") and my mother asked where I'd learned it. I'd learned it from that teacher, who'd been a POW in China.

I'm astonished that she and I don't remember each other from high school. We had both identified ourselves as writers early on, and today, as book reviewers, we specialize in the same genre of fiction.

We're planning to get together for coffee later this month. Should be interesting!

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