Saturday, January 20, 2007


My "flu" turned out to be a norovirus, the type of food-borne virus associated with cruise ships. I didn't go on a cruise, but it's fair to guess I picked it up on the previous week's travel to and from San Francisco.

I'm still considered contagious until Wednesday, according to the doctor I saw this morning. (And I still feel pretty awful.) The doctor wrote a letter to American Airlines and I cancelled tomorrow's flight to Florida. Even with a doctor's letter, cancellation still involves penalties, complications, and requires that you re-book on the same airline; however, I had $15 trip insurance, which bypassed the airline bureaucracy, netting me a full refund.

Back to bed...thanks to all of you who've emailed with "get well" messages.


  1. Having been in your presence on multiple occasions and even hugged you, I have to count myself lucky! And I'm so sorry you got the cruise disease without the joy of the cruise itself!

    Lynn and I tried to get flight insurance on a trip early this year. Orbitz sold us the insurance, but the insurer they use rejected it. Why? Because we were booking still-bankrupt United (no longer the case), and flight insurance and trip insurance never covers bankrupt entities.

  2. The onset of the norovirus symptoms are about 24 hours after exposure, and the food involved is usually uncooked. Since I didn't start feeling weird until late Saturday night, I'm thinking that the culprit was probably the salad I ate at the airport Friday night before my flight home -- long after I was safely out of range of you and other friendly colleagues!

    So much for eating healthy veggies. Next time I dine at the airport, it'll be the nice, safe cholesterol-laden pizza, maximally reheated.